All of us in Beulah are deeply saddened by the passing of Phil Walden this past weekend. Our condolences go out to Amantha, Philip, Jason and the rest of the Walden family. For those of you who don't know, Phil was the head of Capricorn Records, which later became Velocette, our home for the final two Beulah records. Phil's obituary can be found here.


Hi folks. There's a new interview with Miles for Prefix Magazine here, an update of what we're up to.


Happy New Year. It's 2006, and in case you're wondering...yes, the site is still up and running. This, of course, means we'll be selling shirts and cds throughout the year. We'll also be using the site to keep you updated with beulah related sightings and happenings. Speaking of which...unfortunately, Miles had another surgery on his shoulder a couple weeks ago. It's back to the sling and then another 6 months (minimum) of physical therapy. For a lovely pre-op photo of the broken boy go here.

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