Ho Ho Ho! One last box of vinyl for "The Coast is Never Clear" was found in the Velocette offices just in time for the holidays (well, maybe a little late for USPS). Aforementioned records have now found their way into our laps. For only 16 bucks (includes shipping and packaging), you can peruse yesterday's technology today. Happy Kwanzaachristmukkkah!


It's been four years since Beulah's breakup, and five years since "Yoko," Beulah's final record was released. Many of you have long known that Miles has been working on a solo record and have asked if it was turning into another "Chinese Democracy." Come on Axl, what's up? Anyway, we're happy to announce that at least one finished track from Miles can be heard here.


It's April already? Well, happy New Year! A new interview is up with Miles here. Also, more Beulah baby news: Olivia Margaret Swan was born September of last year.

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