After a whirlwind tour, Beulah is taking a much-needed break from their adoring, mostly female fans. Miles, the good-looking guy with the voice, is in Japan for next couple of months, relaxing and doing some press stuff. The rest of the band's kickin' it. No new shows are scheduled for the near future, but watch for a possible tour of Japan in March.

Even cooler -- the boys have started passing tapes of new songs to each other and will start recording in the next few months.

The Beulah Peel session was broadcast on Dec. 15 (Hey, I just heard about it), and it may be possible to listen to it at the John Peel archives. I'll let you know.

Covering as much of the US in the most roundabout ways possible, will Beulah come your way in November (Cincinnati--yes!)? Selected shows are with a) Wilco, b) Luna, or c) one or the other. Dates are, as always, in Show Info.

Beulah heads back to the British Isles to "do limey stuff," as my friend Kevin puts it, with those other clever Americans, Guided by Voices. Confirmed shows are listed with more to come in Show Info.

The boys are off to the UK to teach those naughty Brits a lesson. Catch the action in Show Info.

Love note: The boys would like to thank all the hospitable and generous folks who let them crash on their floors and take showers while touring.

Merchandise: 2,000 copies of Handsome Western States have been re-pressed with a new sleeve design. According to Miles, they have no intention of printing up any more. In his words, "It's time to put it out to pasture." Buy it here. They'll also have some T-shirts for sale in month or so.

Upcoming shows: Beulah has a couple of dates with Superchunk on the West Coast in September. Also in the works is a Sugar Free/Jeepster Records showcase at the CMJ Festival in NYC. Oh yeah, some tour photos'll be up as soon as the boys get me some prints.

Beulah's added a show in Ottawa on July 27 for more Canadian action! On a random note, I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and they were playing a track from When Your Heartstrings Break, pretty cool.

Summer tour dates are up and running! Check it out here.

Those Beulah boys are suckers for touring. They're off to the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada in July. Tour dates will be up as soon as they're finalized.

Beulah starts a West Coast tour, starting this month to mid-May with Ladybug Transistor and Of Montreal. Check out the dates and cities in Show Info. A national tour's tentatively planned for this summer/fall. Stay tuned here for details.

If you're looking for Handsome Western States, Beulah's 1997 release, it's currently sold out. The band's considering pressing more, so yell for it if you want it.

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