So it's official: Beulah has just finished recording their next album. They recorded it at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco over the past four months. While Beulah still handled all the production duties, John Croslin of GBV and Spoon fame engineered the sessions. Miles is off to Nashville next week to mix with Roger Moutenot, who produced the last four Yo La Tengo records, "The Hot Rock" by Sleater Kinney as well as records by They Might Be Giants, Bill Frissel, and Lou Reed. A finished product should be ready for consumption by spring. So if you're bugging the band about it, you can cut it out now. Don't worry--they still love you.

Oops! Here's one more online video from iCAST. See Miles, Steve St. Cin, and Bill Evans dish on the state of modern songwriting. Hear Miles talk about how "People wanna get 'sexed up'"...

Requires Windows Media Player

Okay, multimedia treats for everyone! Until I figure out where to put these links, they'll live here.

Catch Beulah and Gomez at this year's SXSW, sponsored by Burly Bear, who provides "original entertainment programming for the college audience." Watch the band perform and see Miles, Steve, and Steve taunt cellphone users.

How to get there:
• Go to the first pull-down menu and under MUSIC, select Shuffle
• The link is in Episode 9: Beulah and Gomez
• Requires RealPlayer

Next up, interviews Miles and Bill Swan during the 1999 SXSW. They discuss making When Your Heartstings Break and Elephant 6, among other things. Be prepared for interesting camerawork.

How to get there:
• Requires Windows Media Player

Finally, from July of '99, CJ from the Digital Club Festival talks shoes with Miles and Pat and get into the nuts and bolts of When Your Heartstrings Break.

How to get there:
• You must register
• Go to the Live Library link, Beulah's under B
• Requires RealPlayer

So a lot of people have been asking, Wassup with Beulah? Well, they're recording the next CD and will be busy the next few months making magic in the studio. And if you play your cards right, I might score some photos or something to keep the shakes from setting in.

Beulah heads to Europe for a quickie weekend in England and Amsterdam at the end of April. Lookie.

Tour Photos
Whew! So photos are up from Beulah's 1999 race-around-the-world tour, covering two continents. See the action in the *updated* Biography section.

Online Interview
Listen to Miles talk about When Your Heartstrings Break, the music-making process, lyrics, and more at LookSmart Radio. Requires Real Audio player.

Calling All Bay Area Residents: Win the Chance of a Lifetime!

For those of you going to Noise Pop shows this week, don't forget to stop by the merch table and enter the "Who Wants to Marry a Beulah?" contest. You -- yes you -- can score a free date with one of the many willing Beulah band members. It's no secret that the boys have serious reps as "ladies' men." But men, don't be afraid because they're gentlemen at heart. And the prize is really good.

Miles? Easy. Really.
Big Steve? You'll have to earn your keep.
Little Steve? Rico suave.
Pat? Ask him about the Limey incident.
Bill? Free legal advice.
The Other Bill? Makes a mean sandwich.

Yes, a win-win situation for all. So be sure to stuff the ballot box at any Noise Pop show.

Here's some useful information from my Q+A with Beulah.

Yo wassup? Are you gonna rock the Bay Area or what?
The Noise Pop gig will be the only show in San Francisco this year. Nothing personal, we just need to start recording the next record.

So we'll get it first, right?
Ha ha...

Do I really want the UK singles? They're really cute.
If you live in the United States there's no real reason to buy them because the B-sides are merely songs taken from Handsome Western States. The only exception is the Score From Augusta single, which contains a previously unreleased track called "All Points North." You see, H.W.S. has not been released in the UK so Shifty Disco [Beulah's British label] is putting out H.W.S. tracks as B-sides instead. So unless you're a completist or don't own H.W.S., don't bother.

Why can't I find anything on you at SXSW?
The reason you cannot find any info on Beulah for SXSW is because Beulah is NOT officially playing the festival. Instead, we're playing a party on our day off the Gomez tour. If we're not mistaken, the party will be open to the public. [Check the schedule periodically for updates.]


Beulah takes to the streets in March, beginning with Noise Pop in San Francisco then mosey on over to the East Coast and South. See where the boys end up in Show Info.

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