Okay, it has been a while since someone posted something in here. I guess the main reason is because I am now the webmaster (Swan) and the role does not suit me. Then again, there hasn't been a lot to report until now. Here is the news: We begin recording the next album in about two months. Roger Moutenot, who mixed the last one, will be flying out here to SF from Nashville to begin recording us in mid February. The plan is to record in a live setting for about two weeks. We've been working on demos in our practice space since the end of July, using some of the equipment we used for our first two records to map out ideas. We decided to consider these recordings "demos" because we didn't feel like waiting for moments of silence in between songs from our 80s death metal neighbors down the hall. Why are we recording live in two weeks? Well, we spent over five hundred hours recording the last one piece by piece and sometimes too much time is just that…too much time. I mean, it was fun to sit around in the studio TV room watching reruns of "Friends" while one of the guys labored over playing a single part perfectly to a click track for four hours, but, as McCartney used to say when people asked him why the Beatles were not getting back together, "You cannot reheat a soufflé." As you might expect, we're really happy with the way the record is progressing. Of course we are going to say it's our best record yet, that the others weren't that good, and that our friends who have heard the demos agree wholeheartedly. Then again, we have bad taste and our friends are deaf and dumb, so who knows? This record (our fourth and final) should come out next fall barring something unforeseen. As usual, we will tour to support it (there will be more than one round of touring). Then, not as usual, we are going to call it a day, go home to our wives, girlfriends and kids, get real jobs and become adults. Merry Xmas!

P.S. Our apologies about the Heartstrings rerelease. This has been pushed back until early '03. I will let you know when we figure out the release date.

Many people have recently been asking us where they can get a hold of "When Your Heartstrings Break." The answer is that the U.S. version of this record went out of print due to circumstances somewhat beyond our control. Issues surrounding those circumstances have recently been resolved, and we are planning on rereleasing it within the next couple of months. Once back in print, we will be selling it on our website, not to mention to various distributors who will make sure it ends up in your local indie record store. The finalized release date (some time in the next couple of months), will be posted here. In the meantime, thanks to all who have expressed interest in getting the record, and for your patience.

There are three new Beulah T-Shirts available for sale. Information can be found here.

The Beulah boys wish to thank everyone who came to the shows on the last tour. After a month of rest, they will begin rehearsing new material for the next record. Stay tuned.

First up: Handsome Western States has been re-pressed and is again available for sale.

Also: A new U.S. tour is planned for April--go to Show Info.

Even more! Beulah's gonna be on the Conan O'Brien show on April 16th.

Happy New Year's wishes from the boys! The band's on a sort of rampage through the Northwest in February--find out where in the Show Info section.

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