While most of the Beulahs are rocking the 9 to 5, Miles is gonna fly rockstar-like to Paris. For those of you who don't know, Paris is in France, a country far far away. From all accounts it seems they don't speak English over there. God help our boy Miles. Anyway, he'll be doing interviews for a week, meeting with our new French label, Fargo records, and basically repairing the relationship between our two countries. When he returns we'll hit the recording studio once again. Yoko Ono has asked us, as well as Yo La Tengo among others, to remix one of her old songs for an upcoming ep. Fuck yeah. Also, you can go here to see what Yoko has to say about us. Double fuck yeah. Fyi, our next record will be called Cher. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.: A couple of weeks ago Miles did an interview for the song "Me and Jesus Don't Talk Anymore" on NPR's All Things Considered. Go here to listen.


Getting indier by the day...we are happy to announce that we are the proud owners of not just one, but two Beulah releases. We've had the rights to Handsome Western States for some time, but we just acquired the rights to When Your Heartstrings Break. With that said, we're pleased to inform all of you that it will be back in stock in three weeks' time. We'll be selling it on our upcoming tour and when we return it will be available for purchase on our website.


Tour dates are up here. Our boy John "hey buddy" Vanderslice will be opening most of the dates. Also for the record, this will not be the last Beulah tour ever. In fact, we never said it would be our last tour ever. As reported in the news section last December, and I quote, "as usual, we will tour to support it (the record) and there will be more than one round of touring." So fear not all you Coloradans, Kansans, Floridians and Michiganders. We'll be bringing the trumpet rock to your state soon enough, so start doing your stretches.


At the risk of being labeled a Luddite, I want to take a moment to discuss a couple of things with respect to the new record, downloads and Ebay. It seems like with this ongoing and often tedious debate, nobody is polite enough to ask what the band thinks. However, everybody seems to have an opinion on what's best for the band. With that said, when our meager livelihood could potentially hang in the balance of this debate, it at least does us justice to air out our feelings on the subject.

First, we've discovered that there are some unscrupulous folks who have taken the liberty to sell promo copies of the new record on Ebay. Beulah does not authorize, support or endorse this, so we ask that you please not purchase the record on Ebay. Frankly, the record's not worth more than the list price and it will be out soon enough. If you really must hear the record before the release date, we prefer that you download it from your favorite file sharing source. We the Beulahs also download songs to check out new music and understand its importance. However, if we decide that we like the band, we actually make a point of buying their record to support them. Now just so you know, we are not in the business of guilt tripping. We just hope that those of you who have heard the record already via downloading and/or file sharing will at some point purchase the album. For those of you who don't like it, well, we don't expect you to buy an album that you don't like.

For the record, we have a terrific relationship with our label. We do not have an adversarial relationship like many bands on major labels. Without Velocette's financial support there's no way in hell we would have been able to record at Tiny Telephone, work with Roger Moutenot, or pay our rent while recording. Velocette is basically three people spending their entire life savings on us and a few other bands. In short, they deserve to be reimbursed. This means they need people to buy their records.

Lastly, I think I should address the myth of record sales not making their way into the band's pockets. Like many other bands on indie labels, we have a split point that favors us, not the label. Once Velocette makes their money back from marketing, manufacturing, press, and radio, everything gets split in favor of the band. That means if "Yoko" sells HALF of what "Coast" sold, we're actually making a profit. This means we can pay our rent and concentrate on making music and touring. It's that simple. Anyway, that's how we feel. So if you have any respect or affection for Beulah and want to support indie music, please keep all of this in mind. Thanks for reading.


Ok, it's official: The record is finally done for real, I swear. Miles and his dog ears felt the need to master the fucker six times! I heard #1 and #6 and they both sounded good to me. If you download the record online it may not have the right sequence or sound the same as the one that's gonna be printed. I suppose you'll still get the picture though. Speaking of the aforementioned picture, we're getting lots of emails asking us "what's the new record sound like?" Well, we're glad you asked. We've never been more proud of anything we've ever done. It's a bit of left turn, a curve ball for all you sports fans. Unlike our previous efforts, this one's gonna take a few listens before it "hits" you. So don't throw it in the bin after the first listen, because all will be revealed by the fifth listen (the third listen if you're really stoned). Also, the record is called "yoko" and will now be released on September 9th. We will then hit the road for the entire month of October. Lastly, to all our Australian we don't want to invade you, we were just trying to say that we hate both war and the Vines, not your beautiful country. And yes, we are more than aware that there are shitty bands here too. ‘Til next time, xo.


Well, we just turned the record into Velocette and the response was's not shit. In fact, it may very well be THE shit, but of course, the verdict's still out. As long as it's better than the Vines record then we're cool. Speaking of the Vines, our boy Bush should really think about invading Australia after we're finished in Iraq. Fuck the war on terrorism, let's start a war on bad music. Since we're on the subject of war, Beulah will be invading your hometown sometime in the fall, most likely during the month of September since the record will be released on August 26. This means that we need to start re-learning all of our old songs. But before we start practicing a bunch of songs we'd rather not play, we want to know what YOU the almighty fan wants to hear. So, please email us at with the top 10 Beulah songs you absolutely cannot live without. Please refrain from any Skynard requests, it's even less funny over the internet. Thanks in advance for your participation.


Praise Jesus, after being quarantined in the studio for weeks, we’re just about done with the record. This Friday, Miles, Pat and Eli head to Nashville for two weeks to do some more overdubs and mix the record with Roger. How does the record sound, you ask? In my tacitly objective opinion, it is our best. Miles has written some of his finest work here and the band’s live chemistry translates well to tape. What else can I say? You will have to be the judge, but we think you will agree. Ever since our current lineup materialized last April and we began rehearsing and recording the demos the following July, I’ve had a good feeling about how this was going to turn out. Roger Moutenot is, in our humble opinion, the best engineer/producer in the country, and we thank him for all his hard work and patience. As with Yo La Tengo’s records, he created the right atmosphere where we could experiment on the spot if need be. He’s all about the performance and capturing a mood, and we were in a mood most of the time. We also tried to avoid some of the arrangement flourishes that could be, by now, considered “Beulah clichés.” I'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination for that. For those of you who don't dig the "rock," we also plan on releasing a limited, 1,000 copy acoustic version of the record to be sold on tour only. It will basically be like our demos...recorded on 4 and 8 track cassette. That's about it. On a political note, we the beulahs, as concerned citizens and patriots of this great country, profusely apologize to the rest of the world for the impending war and moronic actions of our leader. It's just embarrassing, plain and simple, and we encourage all of you to protest in whatever way you can. Thank you.


Just updated the Multimedia page, adding a link to a review of "Coast" on NPR. Thanks to a fan named Bill for the suggestion. For those of you into recording, there is an interesting article about Roger Moutenot here. He will be recording our next record.


Happy New Year! We just read an online article that said we're gonna be breaking up after the release of our next record. This news made all of us so sad that we've decided to stay together until each of us dies. On another note, tour photos from last year are up here. More are forthcoming, as soon as I get around to scanning them.

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